Update: The response and demand for Chekutty had been extraordinarily high and hence the packing and delivery will happen only post 28 Sep

A mascot of the emerging Keralam, being rebuilt through our solidarity, resilience and beauty of hearts despite some of the stains and scars that will remain in our lives.

Chekkutty has scars.
Chekkutty has stains.

But Chekkutty represent each one of us who survived the floods.

At the flood devastated Chendamangalam weaving units, the  only options for the weavers were to burn their  severely damaged and soiled stock which couldn’t be fixed even by dry cleaning .


That’s when we stepped in to give it a new lease of life in a form that will also help raise funds greater than the original stock, to help these units revive their unique art. The damaged fabric are being transformed into dolls that every house can own as a reminder of sacrifices and resurrection during these trying times.

Every cloth is chlorinated and boiled in water to disinfect and safe to use.

Each doll is a Chekkutty!
Our Chendamangalam Kutty!

All the proceeds from the sales of Chekutty will go to livelihood programs envisaged by the handloom weavers cooperative society ltd 191 in Chendamangalam.