Who is Chekutty?

Chekutty is a mascot of the emerging Keralam, being rebuilt through our solidarity, resilience and beauty of hearts despite some of the stains and scars that will remain in our lives.

Chekkutty has scars.
Chekkutty has stains.

But Chekkutty represent each one of us who survived the floods.

Chekutty is your story teller. Chekutty can adore your wall, your bag, your car, key chain, your dress, trousers, trolleys or be an installation at home. Ready to tell the story of this flood, it’s heroes, valour, compassion and togetherness in which we overcame the flood and landslides.

Take a photo of Chekutty you made or purchased. Post it on social media with a #Chekutty. Take #Chekutty with you wherever you travel.

Show us the world you are taking Chekutty to. Let #Chekutty travel around the world. Let the stories of resilience and solidarity and grit reach different shores of the country and the world.

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