Making of Chekutty

Initially we started it with the weavers who were unemployed. We went to their units and showed them how to make Chekutty from the clothes they cleaned.

As we want them to get back to their regular work of creating magic out of handwoven clothes, we reached out to some volunteers who were already involved in rescue and relief operations. They learnt quickly and now will be making more dolls in the coming days.

The beauty of #Chekutty is the crowd sourcing. It’s not made by one person or one organisation. No Chekutty would look alike. Other than the basic steps on making and the number of pieces we need from a six metre saree, the painting, touch ups , decoration etc is all upto individual doll maker. This is your opportunity to be the artist and designer you always wanted to be.

Chekkuty represents the idea of Kerala. Diverse background, unique style, but coming together as a community known for it’s resilience and innovation.